The GPS team provides solutions for our customers by deploying promotional and educational programs to health care providers, payers, and patients. In addition, we assist in training sales teams about current issues in health care policy and emerging systems in order to reach key stakeholders with effective messages relevant to their products.

Our Expertise

The GPS team has the background, education, and contact to understands the interconnectivity of the drivers of health care change and offers expert insight into government, policy, and systems issues The GPS team also has in-depth experience in developing innovative campaigns for clients who provide therapies to the Long-Term Care (LTC) market.


Our process is simple, we first listen to the issues, goals, and objectives of our clients. Then we conduct a through review of the relevant healthcare policy and systems environment. Finally, we propose several strategic insights and proposed tactics to address the clients. The result is the implementation of many effective, innovative, and cost-effective programs and long-term relationships with our clients.